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What we get to see on this website are some of the hottest short chicks you've ever seen! Obviously, these gals aren't midgets or anything of the sort, they're just really, really petite. The majority of the girls are white, but there are some Asian gals here and there, too. A good portion of the scenes are downloadable in Full HD, and there are all sorts of content on the page, so make sure to check everything out.
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Now, what can you expect from a website that fetishizes small women? Well, obviously, porn likes weird people to be paired up for some sort of "shock effect," or whatever you call it. So, you'll see tall buff dudes with enormous dicks fucking these girls. However, girl on girl stuff is pretty common on this page as well. So, you'll find some Amazon babes picking up these petite cuties and eating their pussies out.

However, there aren't too many movies like this on the page. You should also know that if you ever get bored with the content of this page, you can move on to any website from the TeamSkeet network, such as Titty Attack, and even Innocent High.

Now, once you get your membership, you'll have the members area in front of you, and what you find in, there are 247 different thumbnails that you'll want to inspect. So, that's at least 247 videos for you to check out, but that's not all. See, this page gets updates pretty much every single week, and sometimes they even get two scenes out in a single week, which is insane, seeing as many pages hate dropping new stuff too often.

Now, we find out that the average scenes on this page can be a bit silly for the average person. For example, these girls are sometimes shoved into small spaces just so that you can get the idea how tiny they actually are. For example, there are movies where you see the girl in a cardboard box in the beginning. Then, you'll see some of these girls in a suitcase, or even a god damn plastic bucket. It's kinda funny if you don't get the point, but oh well. Pictures aren't the only thing you're going to be seeing up in here, which is neat. You'll find tons of great little pictures here, and you're able to download every single one!

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Now, we find that the interface of this website has a whole lot of useful little features such as the ability to track all of your favorites. Furthermore, you can also utilize model and content tags, but that's not all. You can also drop comments on movies, and you can also rate them as well. The only flaw with the interface is the fact that you don't really get an advanced search, which is pretty lame. Obviously, if you have a page that has more than two hundred videos on it, people are going to need something of the sort in order to find stuff they want to see.


So, this page just so happens to be a part of the TeamSkeet network. What does this mean? Well, it means that you get to see 19 additional websites, and you don't need to pay any extra money, which is great.


All in all, you're looking at hours upon hours of amazing fun with ExxxtraSmall.com. The page features a whole lot of sexy girls, and a good portion of the scenes are recorded in HD. There's both regular straight porn, but there's a whole lot of lesbian stuff in here as well, so there's a little bit of something for everyone.