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A nasty little rumor tells us that girls who have their mouths filled with metal (not grills, but braces, duh!) aren't that good at going down on guys. However, the videos at BraceFaced are there to prove us wrong. The truth is the only thing that matters when it comes to things like this, right? Not only are these girls great when it comes to taking dick down their throat, but they also kill it when it comes to taking dick up their tight little pussies.
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Well, seeing girls who wear braces is a very, very specific fetish that tends to portray mature women as cute, immature, and innocent, we can't expect a website to have way too many videos of such gals taking dick, right? Right. It only makes sense that this porn is not super high in demand, but for the few of you who get off to this kind of thing, there are 17 videos on BraceFaced. Rarely does any one of these videos last less than 20 minutes. You do the math...that's still hours of fun for a horny dude!

Of course, you won't be watching all these videos only once, you'll keep coming here over and over, so the dozens of hours spent masturbating to metal-mouthed girls will slowly turn into hundreds of hours spent tugging your meat to babes with bracers. Not only are these videos all available in HD, but you may also stream them in lower resolutions on the spot, which is great. In fact, you may even download the videos, too, however, downloading them in HD would take quite a while, so it's best that you download the movies in a lower resolution unless you have an amazing internet connection.

When you download the movies, they will come to you as .zip files, and within these files, you will also find some neat HD galleries, which is nice. Also, there's a way for you to dim the lights on the website as you stream the videos, which is quite nice.

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You can sort the videos out, and you can also preview the pictures. Every single one of these videos comes with a little description that tells you everything about the events that unfold in the video you're about to watch...or not! Really, the description is there to make sure that you do not waste your time checking a boring video out, which is a great idea.

You may use a regular search if to find some sort of specific video, or you may also use the tags, but honestly, do you even need something like that on a website that has no more than 17 videos? It's really not necessary. Now, you may also add certain videos to your favorites, and you may also even look up and a model and add her to your favorites. You are also given the option of commenting on certain videos and even hitting them up with a rating. However, if you want to suggest a certain type of scene, then you may contact the model via a "model index profile".


If you ever do get bored of these videos, you need not despair, as you also get to see 19 bonus websites because BraceFaced is part of the TeamSkeet network. So, if you ever get bored of seeing that metal around dicks, you may opt-in for a different fetish.


Seeing as this fetish is very, very, specific, it should not come as a surprise that BraceFaced lacks content. However, the movies on that are currently on the page are top-notch, and they're sure to get your addicted to metal-mouthed cuties!