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As it is natural for humans to get off to things they perceive as "wrong" or forbidden, it is also quite normal for you to get off to pornography that features the hottest stepsisters and stepmothers with the biggest butts and the biggest boobs. Maybe you even have a stepsister of your own, and maybe you have a stepmother, even? You surely have thought about dominating them sexually at some point, so why don't you let FamilyStrokes bring you as close as possible to your fantasy?
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I'd be lying to you if I told you that there is no chance of you getting addicted to this kind of pornography, as the massive excitement that you would pour into your head the very second you witness a guy in these movies shove his member deep inside of his stepsister or inside of his stepmother will be something that is quite hard to handle. But, that is not something worth worrying about. You're an adult. You can handle all of the content of FamilyStrokes, without a doubt.


I doubt anyone would be surprised that the girls of FamilyStrokes are so insanely hot. Hell, they even fuck like they're quite literally not from this world. Those hip movements, those stares they give to their partners as they penetrate them, the way their boobs bounce as they ride, it is just way too good. The page provides us with around 164 videos at the moment, and most of them last around 30 minutes, which means that you are in for hours and hours of fun.

However, not only will these videos leave you breathless, they also won't literally leave you as soon as you get off your browser, seeing as these are not only up for streaming, but rather, you might as well download them in the highest resolution possible which would be 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels, and not only that, but if you are quite impatient, then you might as well download the movie in a smaller resolution, which is great if your connection is bad, too, or if you simply do not want to waste data or anything like that.

Either way, FamilyStrokes is there to cater to your needs, to make sure you give the page a proper shot. When you download the movies from the website you will see that they are downloaded as .zip files, so you'll need a program like WinRar or 7zip to deal with those, You may even get HD shots from the movies in the zip file, too. Those can make a decent background, if you're brave and if you don't care what people would say when they see a provocative background on your desktop. Aren't you excited to see these slutty girls getting pounded hard as fuck by their stepdads and their stepfathers?

If you're not, then you should be, that's for sure. Just think about it, you're the girl's father figure, but you are in no way related to her, and then you get to pound her tight wet pussy as much as you like. That's quite literally the ultimate form of the daddy kink, and if you're into that, then oh boy, you're going to be drooling all over the content of FamilyStrokes. Maybe you have a mommy kink or something like that? Enjoy as your stepmother rides you on FamilyStrokes.

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First off, it should be mentioned that the main index page consists of 20 thumbnails that lead you to all sorts of videos once you click on them. Every movie has a short five-minutes trailer that goes along with it, and all of these scenes have short descriptions as well. If you do not like the trailer, then it is obvious that you should steer away from the movie, too.


Seeing as FamilyStrokes is a standalone website, you don't get to see any bonuses, whoops!


So, if we take everything into account, FamilyStrokes is a somewhat young website that already has a lot of content, and this website also makes it so that the amount of content goes up day after day. You surely won't be disappointed, so make sure you get a membership as soon as possible.